Friday, April 16, 2010

'Burgh's Tobias signs with Nebraska

Friday morning, Lansingburgh High School senior Alney Tobias signed his national letter of intent to run track and field for the University of Nebraska. Click below to see a video of his speech.

Tobias’ list of athletic achievements at Lansingburgh is lengthy. A four-year member of the cross country team, Tobias qualified for the New York State meet four times and he holds the school’s 5k record time.

A five-year member of the varsity indoor track team, he qualified for the state meet three times and twice earned medals in the Federation meet. He holds nine school indoor records.

On the outdoor surface, he also holds nine school records and is gunning for a third trip to the Empire State’s spring meet as well. He served as captain on all three teams and also played two seasons of junior varsity football before dedicating himself solely to running.

Lansingburgh’s cross country and distance coach Dale Broomhead, who met Tobias as his physical education teacher in elementary school, believes Alney is a once-in-a-generation role model, as well.

“Especially for the male athletes in this school,” said Broomhead. “There is a lot of talent here, but Alney just shows that besides having the physical talent, you also need to hit the books and get your work done. He’s a good example of what can happen.”

Lansingburgh Athletic Director Michael Harkin said his first memory of Tobias was when he returned an interception as a member of the Knights' junior varsity football team as a sophomore. He gave up football to concentrate solely on running prior to his junior year.

Tobias is also very active as a volunteer, not only at the school, where he served as football team statistician for a while, but also through his church.

A math and science whiz, he will graduate in the top 10 in his class at Lansingburgh and plans to study civil engineering at Nebraska.

To view Alney's digital profile on, click here.

Look for Alney's full story in Saturday's edition of The Record.

Alney Tobias (center) is toasted (with sparkling grape juice) by friends and family after signing his national letter of intent to run for the University of Nebraska Friday morning in the Lansingburgh High School media center. From left to right: Robert Tobias, Amanda Tobias, Alney Tobias and Tyrone Nichols. (Photo by Tom Killips - The Record).

Tobias gave an articulate and emotional speech that brought his father, Louie, to tears and showed exactly why Alney is one of the most beloved student-athletes in the history of Lansingburgh High School. The following is the complete text of Tobias' speech:

“I’d like to thank you all for coming here today to share this special moment with me. Today is an extremely important day in my life and it’s great to be able to share it today with so many people I who love, respect and care for. They have played integral roles in helping me arrive at this point in my life’s journey.

The opportunity to pursue higher education is a laudable endeavor in and of itself, but to combine it with the opportunity to compete at the highest level of NCAA Division I athletics makes it an extra-special blessing. I want to thank so many people today, but before I go any further, first let me express my ultimate gratitude to my God and his son, Jesus Christ, for that source of all blessings as well.

Before anyone can say, ‘he forgot to thank so-and-so,’ I’m letting you know that I will attempt to stay away from naming people individually because the list of those who have been a great help to me is too long, time is too short and you know who you are. But please forgive me if I happen to break my own rule.

I want to thank my family more than I can express, especially for being supportive, not just for my decision, but in everything I do. This includes not only my parents, but my brother, my sister, and those in my extended fraternal and spiritual families as well.

I want to thank my teachers from Pre-K until now for transferring knowledge to me, recognizing my gifts, advising me throughout my educational process and keeping me focused in the classroom and allowing me the space as well to experience this whirlwind college recruitment phenomenon.

The administration, school board and boosters and supporters for showing that the tools of athletic and academic success were available not only to me, but to all Lansingburgh students.

My pastors and youth leaders for being great examples and influences in my life, training me to obey my parents and exhibit high moral character as an example to my peers.

My coaches for training me, developing my talent and helping strengthen my mind, body and will, trusting me and mentoring me.

My team, for giving me the privilege of going into competition with support and encouragement no matter what the outcome. Ladies and gentlemen, it was my pleasure and honor to share the spirit of competition with all of you.

To everyone who has cheered for me, I thank you. To every neighbor who has followed my career, clipped an article or offered a kind word, I thank you. To every workout partner, competitor, recruiter, coach or official, I thank you. To every journalist who took the time to cover me, I thank you. For anyone who is thinking, “What about me?” I thank you. For anyone who has said a prayer for me, I thank you. For those ancestors who have gone on from this world, I thank you.

And now for the moment that has brought us here, the worst-kept secret in Lansingburgh history, it is my intention, upon my graduation from Lansingburgh High School, that I will enroll in the college of engineering and be a member of the track and field team at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska. Go Cornhuskers!”


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Our sincere congratulations for all of your personal achievements. May God bless you as you go forward in the path of life.
Aunt Bernice

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