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70th annual Eddy Meet preview

Lansingburgh High School's Alney Tobias competes at the 2009 Eddy Meet. How will he fare in 2010, his senior season?

Our track and field expert, Ryan Kircher, wrote a wonderful preview piece on the 70th annual William F. Eddy Meet to be run Saturday at Union College in Schenectady.

Sam Gonzalez, a Schenectady city cop, is in his second year as meet director. The former Fonda-Fultonville and University at Albany track star has helped the meet regain some of its former glory as one of the premier track and field events in the Northeast.

"The quality athletes are now coming back," Gonzalez said. "We want to attract all the top athletes in New York State to come to one place to run against each other, push each other and maybe they all might get a nice time out of it."

For the full story, check out Saturday's edition of The Record.

Ryan and I will be blanketing the Eddy Meet with some double coverage tomorrow and we'll bring you stories, blog posts, pictures and videos tomorrow night. Is there anything you really want to read about? Let us know.

Saturday, May 15
Union College Track and Field, Schenectady
Order of Events
Preliminaries begin at 9 a.m.
Girls 400-Meter Relay Semi (6 Fastest to Finals)
Boys 400-Meter Relay Semi (6 Fastest to Finals)
Girls 1500m-Run Non-Seeded
Boys One Mile Run Non-Seeded
Boys 110- Meter High Hurdles Trials
Girls 100-Meter Hurdles Trials
Boys 100-Meter Dash Trials
Girls 100-Meter Dash Trials
Girls 800 Meter Non-Seeded (2 Sections)
Boys 800 Meter Non-Seeded (2 Sections)
Boys 3200-Meter Run Non-Seeded
Boys 200-Meter Dash Semi (6 Fastest times advances to Finals)
Boys 200-Meter Dash Semi (6 Fastest times advances to Finals)
Girls 3000-Meter Run Non-Seeded
Boys 110-Meter High Hurdles Semi
Girls 100-Meter Hurdles Semi
Boys 100- Meter Dash Semi
Girls 100-Meter Dash Semi

FINALS (30 min intermission)
Boys 110 Meter High Hurdles
Girls 100-Meter Hurdles
Boys 100-Meter Dash
Girls 100-Meter Dash
Girls 800-Meter Run
Boys 800-Meter Run
Girls 400-Meter Dash (6 Sections by Time)
Boys 400-Meter Dash (6 Sections by Time)
Boys 400-Meter Int. Hurdles (6 Sections by Time)
Girls 400-Meter Int. Hurdles (6 Sections by Time)
Girls 400-Meter Relay
Boys 400-Meter Relay
Girls 1500-Meter Run Seeded
Boys Invitational One Mile Run
Girls 200-Meter Dash
Boys 200-Meter Dash
Girls 3000 Meter Run Seeded
Boys 3200 Meter Run Seeded
Girls 3200-Meter Relay(Sections by time)
Boys 3200-Meter Relay (Sections by time)
Girls 1600-Meter Relay(Sections by time)
Boys 1600-Meter Relay (Sections by time)

Field Events
Girls Pole Vault followed by Boys Pole Vault (9:30AM)
Boys Discus (9:30AM)
Girls Shot Put (9:30AM)
Girls High Jump Followed by Boys High Jump (9:30AM)
Boys and Girls Long Jump (Open Pit During Trials, Then Boys Finals followed by Girls Finals)
Boys Shot Put
Girls Discus
Boys and Girls Triple Jump (Open Pit During Trials, Then Boys Finals followed by Girls Finals)

Event Records

100 Yard Dash- Lilo Thomas, (Thomas Jefferson H.S.,1975) 9.6
100 Meter Dash-Jermaine Stafford, (Franklin H.S., 1993) Time 10.48
400 Meter Dash- Roger Hunter, (Thomas Jefferson H.S., 1983) 47.22
800 Meter Run-Record held by Mark Belger, Mepham H.S., Bellmore, NY. Set in 1974. Time 1:50.6
One Mile Run- Brain Rhodes-Devey, (Guilderland H.S.,2007) 4:09.92
3200 Meter Run- Stogsdill, (Marcellus H. S., 2009) 9:06.7
110 Meter High Hurdles Joe Galeano, (Centerreach H.S., 1987) 13.7 seconds. (13.90 FAT)
400 Meter Intermediate Hurdles-Jeff Reinhardt, Whitesboro H.S.,1998) 52.21
400 Meter Relay- Thomas Jefferson H.S., 1975 (Lilo Thomas, Frank Moss, Larry Lathan, Bernard Nesby) 41.8 seconds.
800 Meter Relay-Boys H.S., Brooklyn, NY., 1970 (Donald Johnson, Mark Buchanan, Ricky Jones, LaSalles Lewis) Dewitt Clinton H.S., 1974 (Howard Adams, Ricky Bloomfield, ,Brady Crain, Richard Massey) 1:27.5.
1600 Meter Relay-New Rochelle H.S., 1984 (Ed Smith, Mike Batterman, Carl Johnson, Bruce Ward)3:16.65.
3200 Meter Relay-Schenendahowa H.S, 1999 (Ben Derkowski, Chris Jones, Dan Tebbano, Rob Cloutier.) Set in 10:22.0
Distance Medley Relay-Walt Whitman H.S., 1977 (John Gargano, Don Lee, Don Baossardet, Rich Lippert.) 10.22.0.
High Jump- Dan Olson, (Albany Academy, 2001). 7- 1 1/2
Pole Vault- Joel Carusone, Guilderland H.S., 1999)15- 6.
Long Jump-Marvin Forde, (Uniondale H.S., 1993)23-11 ¼
Triple Jump-Kenneth McBryde, (Mount Vernon H.S., 1971) Distance 49-8 ½
Shot Put-Ronald Taylor, (Canandaigua Academy, 1967) 63-8 ½
Discus Throw-Andy Bloom, (Niskayuna H.S., 1991) 198-10 in.

100 Yard Dash-Deborah Gibson (Albany H.S.,1990) 12.30
100 Meter Dash-Keyon Soley, (Uniondale H.S.,1997) 11.96
400 Meter Dash-Yasanne Williams (Albany H.S. ,1998) 54.99
800 Meter Run-Kim Certain (Half Hallow Hills H.S.,1986) 2:08.96
1500 Meter Run-Susanne Heyer (Columbia H.S.,1994) 4:35.46.
100 Meter High Hurdles-Madalayne Smith (Saratoga H.S., 2008) 14.1
400 Meter Intermediate Hurdles-Trisha Hopkins (Burnt Hills H.S., 1995) 61. 57
400 Meter Relay-Uniondale H.S., 1998 (Shelly Antoine, Shuana Quinn, Jatoya Moore, Keyon Soley) 47.36
800 Meter Relay-Bayshore H.S. Bayshore N.Y., 2001 (Precious Moore, Kelie Castro, Latrice Ewing, Shayna Stanton)1:42.52
1600 Meter Relay-Bayshore H.S., 2001 (Danica Dupuy, Kellie Castro, Christine Williams, Shayna Stanton). 3:45.60
High Jump-Shelly Choppa (Glens Falls H.S., 1990) 5-10 inches
Long Jump- Keyon Soley (Uniondale H.S., 1997) 19 -11 ½ inches
Triple Jump-Marlene Ricketts (Westbury H.S., 2009) Distance 38-10 3/4
Shot Put-Dehsaya Williams (Saratoga H.S.,1997) 46-5 ½
Discus-Stacey Shroeder (Grand Island H.S., 1992)158-7
Pole Vault- Natasha Landon (Hudson Falls H.S., 2003) 11-11



OpenID hurdle33 said...

100 Meter High Hurdles-Madalayne Smith (Saratoga H.S.,1998) 14.1

Either the name or the year is wrong with this record. If the year is 1998 it probably should be Amber Stanley of Saratoga HS as the record holder. Madalayne Smith is a current athlete. If so then the year of the records is incorrect.

May 15, 2010 at 5:15 PM 
Blogger Troy Record Sports said...

Year was wrong. Apologies for the typo. Smith ran 14.1 in 2008.
She ran a 14.11 today.

May 15, 2010 at 5:51 PM 

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