Monday, February 15, 2010

Section II basketball standings and power polls

With just one day remaining in the Section II regular season, it's time to take one last look at the standings and the final regular season power polls.

Look for a preview column on each of the classes in Section II in Tuesday's edition of The Record.

The Record’s Boys Basketball Polls

Large Schools

Rank, School, Last Week

1, Christian Brothers Academy, 1

The Brothers were a bit of a surprise as the 2008-09 Section II Class AA champions, but the Capital Region would be shocked if CBA doesn’t come home with a title in 2010.

2, Shenendehowa, 2

The Plainsmen have been biding their time in the Suburban Council, waiting for the chance to take on the teams from the Big 10 in the Class AA tournament. Can they keep up?

3, Bishop Maginn, 3

The Golden Griffins have loads of potential and they also have a deep bench. Limiting mental mistakes and adhering to the fundamentals will be their challenge in the playoffs.

4, Albany High, 4

The Falcons have locked up the No. 3 seed from the Big 10 and will be contenders in the Class AA tournament. Albany last won a Section II title in 1996-97.

5, Lansingburgh, 5

The Knights have had their ups-and-downs during the regular season, but with senior center Tyler Hammett and junior sensation Sajae Pryor healed and ready to go, the Knights will be tough to beat in a wide-open Class A field.

Small Schools

Rank, School, Last Week

1, Maple Hill, 1

The Wildcats wrapped up a second consecutive Patroon Conference regular season title after Ichabod Crane lost to Catskill last week. A second straight Section II Class C championship is their next target.

2, Hoosick Falls, 2

The Panthers have lost three games this year, all close defeats. Mt. Anthony (Vt.) won by five points, Watervliet won by two and Hoosic Valley topped Hoosick Falls by a single point on Jan. 19. Perfection wasn’t far out of reach this year in Hoosick Falls.

3, Watervliet, 4

The Cannoneers can clinched a share of the Colonial Council championship last week and Watervliet has won its opening round postseason game for 35 years running. Can the streak continue?

4, Voorheesville, 3

The Blackbirds finished one game out of the top spot in the Colonial Council but remain one of the top contenders for the Section II Class C crown.

5, Schuylerville, NR

The Black Horses will be one of the teams to watch in the Class B playoffs behind Fonda and Watervliet.

The Record’s girls basketball polls

Large Schools

Rank School Last Week

1, Averill Park, 1

The Lady Warriors will enter the postseason following their only loss of the year, but Averill Park remains the team to beat in Class A. With a deadly combination of inside and outside scoring, they’ll be tough to stop.

2, Holy Names, 2

Holy Names has won 36 consecutive Colonial Council games, wrapping up its second straight league title last week. They may have the unblemished record but it remains to be seen if Holy Names can keep up with Class A foes like Averill Park or Mohonasen.

3, Colonie, NR

The Garnet Raiders showed that their 40-point loss at Averill Park in January was just a fluke, earning the revenge victory by a single point on Thursday night. If Colonie plays like that in the Class AA bracket, few teams will be able to keep up.

4, Shenendehowa, 3

The Lady Plainsmen have a grinding, defensive style of play that’s well-suited to postseason basketball, but do they have to offensive firepower to match Colonie? Another contender, Shaker, nearly upset Shen in a buzzer-beating Plainsmen victory in January.

5, Catholic Central, 5

The Lady Crusaders will likely be the top seed out of the Big 10 Conference, but they have not faired well against Suburban Council teams so far this season, having lost to Averill Park and Colonie in the Raiders’ Christmas tournament.

Small Schools

Rank School Last Week

1, Maple Hill 1

The Wildcats have won 64 straight games in Patroon Conference action – a streak that dates to Nov. 2006 – and captured two straight Section II Class C titles. This year, they’re looking to finally advance to regional play with a victory in the Class CC/C playoff.

2, Greenwich, 2

The Witches will certainly see some interesting defenses in the coming weeks as teams try to slow sophomore guard Dani DeGregory. Will the other Greenwich players step up to respond to box-and-ones and full-court press looks?

3, Hoosic Valley, 3

The Indians are flying under the radar this season, but their defense, which has carried them to four straight Section II titles, will be a factor again in 2010. The question is: can that defense play as well as it has in years past?

4, Watervliet, 4

The Lady Cannoneers have won three Section II titles in a row and Watervliet seniors like Tierney McGlynn certainly don’t want to see that streak snapped on their watch.

5, Mechanicville, 5

The Red Raiders had a quality season in the Colonial Council, losing season series to Class A schools Holy Names and Lansingburgh and dropping one to Watervliet. With playoff experience from softball and soccer, many of the Raiders are already battle-tested.

Big 10

Team, League, Overall
C.B.A. (3, AA), 15-0, 16-1
B. Maginn (16, AA), 12-3, 14-3
Albany, 11-4, 11-6
Schenectady, 8-7, 9-7
Troy, 8-7, 10-7
La Salle, 6-10, 7-11
Catholic Central, 5-10, 5-12
Amsterdam, 2-13, 2-15
B. Gibbons, 1-14, 2-15

Suburban Council
North Division

Team, League, Overall
Shenendehowa (9, AA), 15-0, 16-1
Saratoga Springs, 12-4, 13-5
Shaker, 8-8, 9-9
Burnt Hills, 6-9, 7-10
Niskayuna, 6-10, 8-10
Ballston Spa, 3-13, 5-14

South Division

Averill Park, 10-6, 11-7
Colonie, 9-6, 9-8
Guilderland, 7-8, 8-9
Columbia, 7-9, 8-10
Bethlehem, 6-10, 6-12
Mohonasen, 5-11, 6-12

Colonial Council

Team, League, Overall
Lansingburgh, 12-2, 15-3
Watervliet, 12-2, 15-3
Voorheesville (12, C), 11-3, 14-4
Cobleskill, 7-7, 8-9
Schalmont, 6-8, 7-11
Cohoes, 5-9, 5-13
Mechanicville, 2-12, 5-13
Ravena, 1-13, 1-17

Wasaren League

Team, League, Overall
Hoosick Falls (9, C), 13-1, 15-3
Schuylerville (B, 20), 12-2, 15-3
Hoosic Valley, 9-5, 13-5
Cambridge, 7-7, 9-9
Granville, 7-7, 11-7
Greenwich, 5-9, 8-10
Stillwater, 2-12, 4-14
Tamarac, 1-13, 4-14

Patroon Conference

Team, League, Overall
Maple Hill (6, C), 17-1, 17-1
Ichabod Crane, 15-2, 15-2
Rensselaer (14, C), 14-3, 14-3
Catskill, 12-5, 12-5
Hudson, 9-8, 9-8
Cairo-Durham, 8-10, 8-10
Coxsackie, 6-12, 6-12
Chatham, 5-13, 5-13
Greenville, 1-17, 1-17
Taconic Hills, 1-17, 1-17


Team, League, Overall
Germantown, 12-2, 13-3
New Lebanon, 11-3, 13-5
Loudonville Christian, 9-5, 10-8
Heatly, 8-6, 10-7
Hawthorne Valley, 7-7, 8-8
Waterford, 7-7, 8-10
Berlin, 1-13, 1-16
Doane Stuart, 1-13, 3-14


Albany Acad., 8-10

Big 10

Team, League, Overall
Catholic Central, 10-1, 12-4
Albany, 10-2, 11-5
Amsterdam, 7-4, 8-5
B. Maginn, 6-5, 9-7
Schenectady, 5-7, 6-11
Troy, 2-9, 3-14
B. Gibbons, 0-12, 0-18

Suburban Council
North Division

Team, League, Overall
Shenendehowa (6, AA), 14-2, 14-2
Shaker (25, AA), 12-4, 14-4
Saratoga Springs, 7-9, 9-9
Niskayuna, 6-10, 7-10
Burnt Hills, 3-13, 4-14
Ballston Spa, 1-15, 1-17

South Division

Averill Park (1, A), 15-1, 17-1
Colonie (7, AA), 13-2, 15-2
Bethlehem, 10-5, 10-6
Mohonasen, 9-7, 11-7
Guilderland, 3-13, 4-14
Columbia, 2-14, 3-15

Colonial Council

Team, League, Overall
Holy Names (2, A), 18-0, 18-0
Watervliet (18, B), 14-4, 14-4
Mechanicville, 12-6, 12-6
Cohoes, 10-8, 10-8
Lansingburgh, 10-8, 10-8
Alb. Acad. Girls, 9-9, 9-9
Voorheesville, 9-9, 9-9
Ravena, 5-13, 5-13
Schalmont, 3-15, 3-15
Cobleskill, 0-18, 0-18

Wasaren League

Team, League, Overall
Greenwich (6, C), 12-1, 16-1
Hoosic Valley (12, C), 12-2, 15-3
Schuylerville, 9-5, 10-7
Stillwater, 8-6, 11-7
Cambridge, 5-9, 8-9
Tamarac, 4-9, 6-11
Granville, 4-10, 5-12
Hoosick Falls, 1-13, 2-16

Patroon Conference

Team, League, Overall
Maple Hill (1, C), 18-0, 18-0
Ichabod Crane 15-3, 15-3
Hudson, 13-5, 13-5
Rensselaer, 10-8, 10-8
Catskill, 9-8, 9-8
Greenville, 9-9, 9-9
Taconic Hills, 9-9, 9-9
Coxsackie, 2-15, 2-15
Chatham, 2-16, 2-16
Cairo-Durham, 1-15, 1-15


Team, League, Overall
Germantown (6, D), 15-1, 16-1
Waterford, 14-2, 16-2
Heatly, 13-3, 14-4
Emma Willard 9-7, 10-8
Loudonville Christian, 7-8, 7-9
Berlin, 7-9, 8-11
Hawthorne Valley, 2-12, 2-12
Doane Stuart, 2-13, 3-13
New Lebanon, 1-15, 1-17

*(State ranking classification)

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