Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turf at the 'Burgh?

TROY -- Artificial turf is coming to Troy High School soon, and it looks like it may be coming to the north side of town as well.

The Lansingburgh Central School District will hold a capital improvement project vote on Tues., Dec. 7. The district claims all of the improvements, which include technology and infrastructure projects, will come at no cost to the taxpayers. For more information on where you can vote, visit

Should it pass, Lansingburgh will install an artificial turf field inside the current track and also install a second turf field over the current soccer and baseball field. I'm not sure how that will work for baseball (a grass infield and a turf outfield?) but here is the official wording:

High school athletic field upgrades would include installation of artificial turf at the football field within the existing track and a combination artificial turf field for soccer, lacrosse and baseball. Also included would be athletic field lighting, additional bleacher seating, renovation of the tennis courts, expanded storage, emergency vehicle access, and athletic field drainage to rectify an existing problem of flooding at the secondary complex.

It's been an incredible transformation for the playing surfaces on the football fields in the Collar City in recent years. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute moved from quaint '86 Field to the mammoth East Campus Stadium and Troy High will soon be playing on turf right across the street. Perhaps the Troy Fighting Irish will not have to play their home games in Schenectady any more.

Here is a list of Section II schools and colleges with turf surfaces: (Am I missing any)?
Glens Falls
Union College
RPI (football & non-football fields)
UAlbany (non-football)
Skidmore (non-football)
Coming soon:
Lansingburgh (maybe)

And with Cohoes High School adding lights to its field in the near future, Watervliet will be one of the few local teams that will still play its home games on Saturday afternoons.

A high school football fan from 10 years ago wouldn't believe it.

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