Thursday, May 6, 2010

HS Wrestling rule changes

Section II wrestling chairman George Chickanis sent out a few emails this morning detailing a number of national rule changes that will kick in at the beginning of the 2010-11 season. I suppose the NYSPHSAA can make its own rules and decide not to adopt these.
  • Regarding the "suitable undergarment" rule for weigh-ins, the standards have been relaxed to better protect the privacy of wrestlers.
  • The committee also addressed the process for an offensive wrestler assuming a legal starting position. The following statement has been added to Rule 5-20-9: “Once the offensive wrestler has assumed a legal starting position and is stationary, the referee shall verbally say ‘set’ and then pause momentarily before starting wrestling.”
    1. “This rule change will eliminate either wrestler gaining an advantage by using a rolling start,” Bob Colgate, the assistant director of the National Federation of High School Athletic Associations, said. “It also eliminates the need for the offensive wrestler using a specific sequence when assuming a legal starting position, including the optional offensive starting position.”
  • Effective with the 2010-11 high school wrestling season, any contestant who shows signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be removed immediately from the match and shall not return to competition until cleared by an appropriate health-care professional. The previous rule directed officials to remove an athlete from competition if “apparently unconscious.” The previous rule also allowed for return to competition based on written authorization by a medical doctor.
  • The Wrestling Rules Committee also added the “rear-standing, double-knee kickback” to the list of illegal maneuvers. Colgate said this maneuver, which is being used more frequently at the high school level, clearly puts the opposing wrestler in a dangerous situation and at a high risk for injury.
  • One notable non-change will be in the breakdown of the 14 weight classes. Those will remain the same.
  • Here is a fun fact for good measure. Wrestling is the sixth-most popular sport for boys at the high school level with 267,378 participants in 10,254 schools during the 2008-09 season, according to the NFHS Athletics Participation Survey. In addition, 6,025 girls were involved in wrestling in 1,034 high schools.
  • Here was a note from the NYSPHSAA meeting minutes: Concerns about multi-bout dual meet tournaments that “rich are getting richer” as not everyone can attend these tournaments. After discussion in attempt to be pro-active, motion by Eric Romanino-1 to cap the number of 2-day dual meet tournaments to a maximum of two. In Favor: Sections: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,11 Against: Sections: 9,10 No Vote: 7.



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