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2009 Suburban Council girls soccer All-Stars

Player of the Year: Kaitlyn Martin, Bethlehem

Coach of the Year:
Holli Mulholland, Shenendehowa

First team

Ashley Scofield, Sr., M/D, Averill Park
Kaitlyn Martin, Sr., F, Bethlehem
Kristina Maksuti, Jr., F, Bethlehem
Anna Gray, Sr., M/D, Bethlehem
Michelle Primomo, Sr., D, Bethlehem
Monica Wolf, Sr., CM, Burnt Hills
Jillian Beatty, Frosh., F, Burnt Hills
Renae Cairns, Sr., GK, Ballston Spa
Amanda Callanan, Sr., M/D, Ballston Spa
Rachel Schofield, Sr., F/M, Colonie
Conner O'Brien, Sr., D, Columbia
Marissa Page, Sr., GK, Guilderland
Stacey Sylvetsky, Jr., CM, Niskayuna
Elizabeth Boyer, Sr., F, Saratoga Springs
Morgan Berry, Jr., M/D, Shaker
Molly Popolizio, Sr., M, Shenendehowa
Sara Mikula, Sr., D, Shenendehowa

Second team

Marjana Maksuti, Jr., M, Bethlehem
Kristie Link, Jr., M, Bethlehem
Tara Teal, Frosh., F, Bethlehem
Nicole Shively, Soph., D, Burnt Hills
Nicole Collins, Sr.. M, Burnt Hills
Alaina Greco, Sr., F, Ballston Spa
Lauren Audi, Sr., M, Ballston Spa
Kelley Murphy, Soph., GK, Colonie
Jess Marini, Jr., D, Guilderland
Meghan Mosch, Jr., F, Niskayuna
Tyler Carr, Jr., D, Saratoga Springs
Julia Sirianni, Jr., M, Saratoga Springs
Kelli Wegner, Frosh., M, Saratoga Springs
Emily Johnson, Jr., GK, Shaker
Sarah Bassett, Sr., M, Shenendehowa
Elise Moinzadeh, Jr., M, Shenendehowa
Katie Trainor, Soph., F, Shenendehowa

Honorable mention

Emily Rebehn, Sr., M, Averill Park
Sarah Boyle, Jr., D, Averill Park
Kristen Ernest, Sr., D, Averill Park
Lindsey Bush, Sr., D, Averill Park
Stephanie Sica, Sr., D, Bethlehem
Heather Varcasia, Jr., D, Bethlehem
Brianne Hadcock, Jr., D, Burnt Hills
Emily McNutt, Sr., GK, Burnt Hills
Sarah Glowa, Jr., D, Burnt Hills
Skye Kaler, Frosh., CM, Burnt Hills
Carolyn Mansir, Jr., D, Ballston Spa
Julie Lowenstein, Jr., D, Ballston Spa
Demi Feder, Frosh., F, Ballston Spa
Annie Czlusniak, Sr., F, Ballston Spa
Maleesa Santos, Jr., D, Colonie
Megan Smead, Sr., CM, Columbia
Deanna Puentes, Sr., D, Columbia
Kyra Malamood, Jr., D, Guilderland
Erin Kelly, Sr., GK, Guilderland
Jackie Bassard, Soph., MF, Guilderland
Jenna Crupi, Sr., D, Guilderland
Elizabeth McMahon, Jr., M, Mohonasen
Alicia Cassels, Sr., M, Mohonasen
Michelle Baldwin, Jr., GK, Mohonasen
Schuyler Archambault, Jr., D, Niskayuna
Tara Bartkowski, Sr., D, Niskayuna
Amelia Esposito, Sr., GK, Niskayuna
Stephanie Maslyn, Sr., D, Niskayuna
Katie Cascino, Jr., CM, Niskayuna
Jenna Conklin, Sr., D, Saratoga Springs
Emily Crandall, Sr., D, Saratoga Springs
Carly Brundige, Sr., F, Shaker
Krista Pilla, Sr., M, Shaker
Alyssa Plue, Sr., F, Shaker
Rhiannon Spencer, Sr. GK, Shaker
Caitlin McGonnigal, Sr., D, Shaker
Kaitlyn Cheney, Soph., M, Shaker
Erica Vallecorsa, Soph., D, Shaker
Rebecca Pike, Sr., D, Shaker
Kristen Connors., Frosh., F, Shenendehowa

As submitted by Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake head coach Brian Bold.

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Anonymous SOCCER00 said...

NOT SURE WHATS GOING ON IN THE SUBURBAN COUNCIL????? Something appears amiss with the keeper selections. These all star teams are selected before sectionals start - based on regular season play. These stats are corrected (not all goals against a team were assigned to a keeper), season figures are as follows:



Unreported goals assigned to the "team" keeper; No adj. for
unreported saves; Some names abbreviated;
GPGA = Goals Per Game Against; SHO = SHUTOUTS;
GLSA = GOALS AGAINST (includes unreported) ;
WIN% = WINS / TOTAL GAMES; GMS = Total Regular season Games;
SAVE% (includes unreported) = Saves / Saves + GOALSA.

For those of you who don’t understand soccer, the differences here are not minor, the flip of a coin type, these are massive. Staggering! This year 3 of the 5 top ranked keepers didn’t even get an honorable mention, including 1, 2 & 4 – the other 2 of the top 5 only got honorable mentions – - while Guilderland and Shaker had 2 keepers each on. Another keeper only played in 4 games – one led the league in goals allowed. It appears Rogan (STOG), Mylod (SHEN), & Nickles (BETH) should have been on the team – intangibles, the universally popular scapegoat, can not possibly account for such enormous, dramatic differences – - especially since these 3 for the most part played in all of their team’s tough games against the highest ranked opponents and had the highest winning percentages. Looking at the actual “big game” scores, for example, Mylod had games where she held Beth & Saratoga to a single goal. Rogan had shutouts against Shen & Burnt Hills. And, Nickles led the Council with 12 shutouts including every Suburban Council team at least once (may be the most in Section 2) – except Burnt Hills & Ballston Spa. McNutt (#3) had the only win against Beth allowing just 1 goal – and was just an honorable mention?

This analysis is not meant to be detrimental to any of the girls selected, they all deserve it – in fact any girl making a varsity Suburban Council team as a starter, is already an all star. However, SOMEONE SHOULD BE ASHAMED here - and its NOT THE PLAYERS, selected or not.




Kristina Maksuti___BETH____15
Monica Wolf______BHBL_____7
Anna Gray________BETH_____6
Kristen Connors___SHEN_____6
Marjana Maksuti__BETH_____5
Elise Moinzadeh___SHEN_____5



Kristina Maksuti___BETH___18
Kaitlyn Martin_____BETH___18
Alaina Greco______BLSP____13
Molly Popolizio____SHEN____12
Katie Trainor______SHEN____9
Jillian Beatty______BHBL____8
Amanda Callanan___BLSP____8
Anna Gray________BETH____7
Marjana Maksuti___BETH____7
Tara Teal_________BETH____7
Kristi Link________BETH____7
Morgan Berry______SHKR____7
Elizabeth Boyer____STOG____6
Rachel Scofield____COLN____6
Stacey Sylvetsky___NSKY____6

December 3, 2009 at 1:28 PM 

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