Friday, February 8, 2008

Suburban Council Final Pairings

Consolation Round, Saturday, Feb. 9
(At Washington Ave Armory, Albany)
10 am - Saratoga vs Ballston Spa, boys
11:45 - Mohonasen vs Ballston Spa, girls
1:30 pm - Niskayuna vs Averill Park, boys
3:15 - Saratoga vs Colonie, girls
5 - Niskayuna vs Columbia, girls
6:45 - Mohonasen vs Shenendehowa, boys

Colonie's Brian Sleasman moves the ball up the floor agains Shenendehowa's Matt Lee during Tuesday's Suburban Council game at Colonie. (J.S. Carras — The Record)

Championship Round, Sunday, Feb. 10
(At Washinton Ave Armory, Albany)
10 am - Burnt Hills vs Shaker, girls
11:45 - Burnt Hills vs Columbia, boys
1:30 pm - Guilderland vs Averill Park, girls
3 - Shaker vs Bethlehem, boys
4:30 - All-League Awards
5 - Bethlehem vs Shenendehowa, girls
6:45 - Colonie vs Guilderland, boys

Should be a solid matchup in the final, a rematch between Colonie and Guilderland. If the Raiders can play like they did on Thursday against Mohonasen, it should be a heck of a game down there at the Armory. But, if the Raiders come out flat, as they did against Shen on Tuesday, it will be a long game for Colonie.
Guilderland has four big-time weapons - Brett Marfurt, Drew Smith, Jon Terry and Kevin Kost. Without a doubt, whichever team wins the game will get a big boost going into sectionals against the major league teams from the Big 10.

Shaker is also on a roll - look out for the Bison. On Saturday, the Mohon-Shen game should be fun to watch too, each of those teams bring a exciting, balanced attack.

Full sectional brackets come out Wednesday and we will have them here first.

-- Will Montgomery

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