Tuesday, January 29, 2008

La Salle's Brown Resigns

La Salle Institute's head coach Sean Brown has resigned today, according to various reports.

The Cadets, (3-8, 6-9) were having their struggles on the court this season and as of yet, we do not have a reason for the resignation.

I covered three of LSI's games this season (all at CCHS' gym, no less) and the Cadets did play hard in their games, certainly giving CCHS a challenge for three quarters on Jan. 11th. LSI just didn't have the one-two punch that could hang with CCHS' Jordan Gettings and Devin Grimes.

We will also cover the Niskayuna/Averill Park girls game tonight as well as the Wasaren League boys showdown between Cambridge and Hoosic Valley.
Both games figure to be exciting and should determine how league standings and playoff seedings play out.

--Will Montgomery

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cut by his own Sabre

The opinion article written by Mr. Montgomery regarding LaSalle and its handling of the Sean Brown situation requires a response.
With respect to Sean Brown being a fine man, there will be no opposition. The direction that the LSI varsity hoop program was going is an entirely different issue.
I am a parent of a player on the varsity basketball team. I have no concern regarding my son's playing time. I have shared this with Coach Brown. Quite frankly, there was never a mention of playing time regarding any of the boys or from any of the parents. Where that originated is a mystery. Of concern is game strategies, which has acted to confuse our players, leading to demotivation and unhappiness. Turnovers, poor foul shooting, and a decline in performance were other areas of concern. After a road loss to Class A Amsterdam, where we witnessed a 26 point lead evaporate during a 36-3 Amsterdam run, the majority (not a handful)of parents met and agreed it was time to have a meeting with the coach and school. Parents contacted school officials and a meeting was set up promptly where Coach Brown was invited with school officials and parents. The parents came to the meeting, Coach Brown never did. There was never a threat made to fire Coach Brown by school officals. They handled this professionly and with Sean's dignity in hand. So we read in the paper today that Coach Brown's resignation was spurred by angry parents over playing time, then later in the article, that he was fired. Neither are true. A meeting was requested and options were presented to Coach Brown.
First things first. Our boys are taught honesty, fair play, sportsmanship and brotherhood are far more important. Please do not taint the school for this. They are firm, fair, and honest in this regard. Now lets take a look at facts and some history. This years senior class was the Capital District 8th grade CYO champion,a 15 win season- 2nd place finish as freshman in the Big Ten, and a top three finish as sophomores. In each of the fore mentioned seasons,the team played well together and played .700 basketball.Our JV program has never finished lower than third place.In 2004 Coach Brown was elevated to the varsity position, never having coached the class of 2008 until last year. In 2005, the leading scorer on the 2nd place JV team, ( 20.0 ppg) was sent to the bench in favor of a recruit from Albany High. This player was from the Albany High freshman team that LaSalle manhandled the previous year. Now we have our first recruit, a player from another school playing over our best JV player. How did that set with players loyal to the LSI program? What was the scuttlubug amongst the students in school.Additionally, another recruit was brought in to play for one year. He was deemed ineligible by the Section for the following two years. So were cutthroat games played by the varsity coach? Did we try to add recruits to a program that was already playing 0.700 basketball? Some may say that the boys who were true to LSI had their throats cut. Of the recruits brought in by Coach Brown, one of those boys has transferred on and the other played one year? Was that move the 'scarlet letter' of the coach ? Has this been forgiven and forgotten? Does that define 'clean'? That LSI player that was benched is now playing D1 on a full scholarship (baseball). Do you think maybe he was a winner, a great athlete? Popular in school ? Maybe the game today played by coaches is that they want you to focus on their sport and their sport only ? That doesn't work at a school with 90 boys in a class, competing in Class AA, all of whom are loaded with extracurricuar activities.
LaSalle is a proud, tight knit group(our boys have expressed that). They are brothers. Something to think about. Some other things to add to the pot. We have lost qualified assitant coaches at the varsity level and a top player from the class of 2008 class (one of our best athletes who comes from a basketball rich family)chose not to play. Why ? We have also had one of our top JV players from last year quit.
At the conclusion of last season, several parents questioned school officials regarding the varsity basketball position as Coach Brown moved on from his day job at the school. They were led to believe that a search was on. It didn't happen.
In summary, as parents, we asked for a meeting. The school responded. I think its called communication. Coach Brown opted out. Wins and losses do not mean that much to us. Striving for success as a team, improvement, and sharing our concerns with our educators is an expectation we have as parents. It's also a skill we want our children to have in life. LaSalle is fine school with the interests of its students at heart. Maybe its the games or lack of responsibility that some of the coaches play that should be at the center of criticism, not the character of the school. We stand behind what LaSalle stands for, and win or lose, are proud of all of our students and their school.

February 4, 2008 at 10:39 PM 
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