Thursday, June 17, 2010

The costs of summer baseball - the Ben Franklin Project

With local families spending in upwards of $1,000 per summer per athlete to have them compete on elite-level travel teams, we here at The Record are curious and are looking for your input. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

On July 4, all newspapers in our chain will be publishing an edition through the use of free online tools only. But that's only half the story. We're also looking for you, the readers, to help us tell your stories. It's part of a one-time only edition, but we're also looking to make this a regular piece of how we put the paper together every day. For more information, click here to read more on the Ben Franklin project.

Do you have any horror stories from money wasted on fees for travel teams? Or did that experience help you (or your son or daughter) earn a Division I or Division II scholarship that saved a pile of money in the long run?

Because of this specialization, is the three-sport athlete dead?

We value your stories, experiences and ideas and would greatly appreciate your input in putting this project together. If you would like to share, please contact me via email at troyrecordsports AT gmail DOT com or call me at the office at 518-270-1246.

Thanks for reading.

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