Monday, June 1, 2009

Quack attack; Hoosick Falls freshman fans 13 in CC semi victory

Hoosick Falls players Emily Ciuk (1), Rachel Quackenbush (14), Jenna Priore (32) and Kayla Brownell (3) jump for joy and high-five assistant coach Ralph Quackenbush after defeating Hoosic Valley 3-0 Monday afternoon at Clifton Common in a Section II Class CC semifinal. (All photos by Tom Killips - The Record)

Ciuk made two great plays in the field and singled and scored the game-winning run in the fifth inning for the Panthers.
She's also been instrumental to pitcher Rachel Quackenbush's success all year.

"It was really nice to be the first one, but I knew we were going to get something going," Ciuk said, "we always do. We had really good spirit today and the team did really great.
"(Quackenbush) has a great range and she hits her spots really nice," Ciuk continued. "It’s just really great catching for her."
Hoosick Falls freshman pitcher Rachel Quackenbush deals during Monday's game. In three games against Hoosic Valley this season she allowed one hit, three walks and no runs in 21 innings pitched.

"I knew it was going to be a close game and it could go into extra innings still being 0-0," Quackenbush said. "Those types of games are nerve-wracking, so I was thinking we just needed one run and I could try to keep them down."

Make sure to check out the full story in Tuesday's edition of The Record, as well as full coverage of Waterford's game against Schoharie and Stillwater's game against Lake George.

Stillwater players react after losing 1-0 to Lake George in 10 innings in the other Class CC semifinal.
No. 2 Hoosick Falls (20-5) faces No. 1 Lake George (15-1) in Wednesday's Class CC title game at Clifton Common at 3 p.m.

In other news, Catholic Central High School named seniors Carly LaBombard and Joe Dooley Crusaders of the Year. It is the most prestigious award given by the athletic department.

The recipients must have lettered in a minimum of two varsity sports for two years and must display leadership qualities, outstanding athletic ability and exemplify the mission of CHHS. LaBombard is headed to Arizona State and Dooley will stay close to home at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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